May 2017

The Costanzicacellis took on the Q-line.

Harrison had me to his classroom for a lovely tea for Mother's Day.

Haven't you ever wanted to ride a panda?

The guy who set up his ice cream truck in front of Motown is a genius.

More from Mother's Day Tea.

Harrison's homework was to take care of me and he did a great job. He even shopped for me!

Took a rainy day trip to the aquarium.

I passed! One more step down.

Gotta celebrate the good parts of menopause.

But he doesn't like hummus...

Child torture technique is successful.

My coworkers are better than yours.

April 2017

Harrison had to do different tasks while reading over Spring Break.

I got to go to San Diego for the National CACFP Conference.

You'd think I was important or something, I'm really not.

Best part of my trip was totally the Pokemon.

Surprised this goober with DanTDM Live tickets for Easter!

Face making is genetic.

Our selfie game was strong at Eastern Market.

March 2017

Harrison had a pretty awesome (and delicious) cake for his birthday.

And he swears that he isn't a hipster...

March = The month I get to annoy everyone about colon cancer!

Super proud of myself!

Another homework gem from Harry.

Lindsay and I looking adorable at the Masqueraid Ball.

I work with the best people.

Mustachioed for St. Paddy's Day.

February 2017

Holy hell I am behind on these posts... Expect a heap of posts the next few days.

Continuing our way through Mexicantown.

Harrison dropping some truth bombs.

Zoo trip.

I went in the butterfly room.

We love the new penguin exhibit.

Celebrating Namo's birthday.

The sick kid in bed with me.

Paczki Day was amazing.

January 2017

The dogs took a while to get used to my new rug.

Another step closer.

Michigan Science Center

The Accidental Paczki Crawl 2017 is now up to over 4.1K interested...

Saturdays are made for the DIA.

Both boys have asked for more trips to the DIA soon.

Got a new car AND cancelled my gym membership. I despise the gym so I have promised myself that I will never again sign up. I can get my exercise in better ways!

And then Andy allowed Odie to get hurt for my birthday...

My coworker is the best. You need to order some of this!

Harrison's present to me for my birthday, lol.

My terrible art that I subject Tarquin's friends to.

I can't even say that the apple falls far from the tree...


Frankenmuth with cousins for the Ice Festival.