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Not a lot of excitement has been going on in the Costanzicacelli universe as of late.  I moved to a new AmeriCorps position after my last one fell apart, Drew is almost done with another semester at school and is trying to get ready for the winter fun at work, Tarquin is "SO smart and imaginative" as his Kindergarten teacher told me, and Harrison is starting to show more and more of his personality (I have no idea where he gets his stubbornness from...).  We're almost ready for Giftmas, and I'm sure I'll have more to share after that is all done and over with.  I get over a week off of work for the holidays so maybe we'll try and squeeze in some adventuring in between the daily chaos that is life.  For now though;

Crazy Hair Day @ School



One item off of my 2011 To Do list was to take Tarquin on the Peoplemover downtown.  Well, since I know my days working in the heart of the city are very rapidly coming to a close (thank goodness, although I will miss being downtown) I had Drew bring the boys down for a ride and dinner at Foran's.

Trick or Treat!

The Costanzicacellis went as a pirate clan this year, complete with squawking parrot.  As is tradition, we spent the afternoon/evening at the Gerber household.  Tarquin got an awesome haul and Harrison seemed to enjoy his first Halloween.

Blake's Cider Mill

A few weeks ago we went to Blake's for our what is becoming our annual trip. This year we went with the Portelli-Truesch's & Tarquin's new favorite person/my coworker Mr. Shawn. Cider, donuts & fun were had by all.  :)