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The Costanzicacelli 2013 To Do's

I'm hoping 2013 to be filled once again with close to home adventures and lots of fun.  Having all these silly boys around it's bound to be a good year.  Without further adieu....

Organize recipe pile/messThanksgiving paradeUS States Organization & PlottingBerry PickingMake a better Costanzicacelli siteStart Grad SchoolDrive a stick shiftGeocachingOrganize LEGO papersWear heels againBe more positiveUp NorthPassportsFort WayneArts & ScrapsPutt puttDevelop wedding camerasBelle Isle AquariumSterling Heights Nature CenterDetroit Historical MuseumGet family photos takenMichigan Science CenterTarquin’s birthday food fightFollow through with my healthTry new vegetables (or old ones again)Go sleddingFinish two more Austen novelsHave fun at The Color RunAll the usual craft/create/read/explore/photograph stuffCheck off at least two of Tarquin’s own “to do’s”

November Round Up

We had no big adventures this month, but we still had fun as we always do.  November was full of...
... helping Namo and Papa pick up leaves.

... learning new tricks for the playground.

... stopping for a BIG break while Giftmas shopping.

... Mama going on a needed and much fun cousin weekend away.

... a zoo trip with Papa, Aunt Stephanie & Uncle Art to enjoy one of the last nice days before winter.

... checking out the new trampoline place with awesome friends.

Happy Halloween!

Lessons re/learned: pumpkin guts are gross, monkey costumes look like bears - just go with it, little boys will  ask to change their costumes even after you say it's too late, wide brimmed hats are awesome in the drizzle, teachers are the devil and live to sugar up your kids and give them back to you, and that extra block you trick or treated made you end up with far too much candy and you should have just called it a night so your butt didn't still feel frozen four hours later.

Me & Him Time

Tarquin and I had some much needed me and him time today.  We started with a Build & Grow session at Lowes where we made a Creepy Keeper.  Then we headed over for some mall time with a yummy Kerby's lunch before meeting up with Mr. Jeff & Oliver to try out ice skating.  Ended our fun by learning that ice cream is equally as awesome as hot cocoa after skating and he headed off to a sleepover with Namo & Popa.

Fall Festival



Took the boys to LEGO KIDSFEST this morning and it seemed to be a big hit with them.  For me, I'd have preferred fewer people and better maneuvering for the monster jogging stroller.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.  Now to listen to Tarquin whine about wanting to go back for another whole year.  One day I'll definitely have to get him to LEGOLAND.


Last year I said that it was the last year of birthday parties for Big.  The family is too big, it gets too expensive, and he needs more presents like he needs a whinier mouth.  He asked if we could go to the cider mill for a celebration and if we could invite just about everyone he knows.  I gave in as long as he agreed to no cake, no presents and ultimately it not being a party.  We had a blast!

Ren Fest!