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Our (really meaning my) To Do's for 2012

I've been meaning to post this since before the New Year, but I guess having a full-time job really does make getting things accomplished just a little more difficult. 2012 is going to be a busy, but awesome year for us!
2012 Charity/Volunteer with TarquinRead - As alwaysCraft - As alwaysNew tattoo (HD)flesh out BIG tattoo detailsSew wearableThey were once young projectFinally see a movie with DrewTry new things - fewer chainsAsk for more storiesMake an effort more oftenSpend no money one weekend a monthGet my money habits under control - spending fast?Container gardenBe healthier as a family and personallyBike rides - Get Drew to work with Tarquin on his skillsMonthly menus and shopping listsNew to Tarquin zooMaybe Cincinnati? Hit up Spaghetti Factory & King’s Island too?Keep stress levels to a minimum and enjoy the weddingActually plan and make a menu for the luauRearrange & redecorate the condo mondoPut the boys togetherNew artsSpacklePut up and take down all holiday/par…

We've been staying busy.

Hot dogs at Sam's Club

Super hero partying

Cousin time at Henry Ford

Dressing up


Jungle Java
We've also been visiting new babies (Welcome to the world Annalise!), getting better at the Wii (LEGO Star Wars & Puss n' Boots), refusing to try walking (well, that's just Harry), and having dance parties.  We're excited for some Portelli-Treusch time in the upcoming week and making Valentine's Day decorations.

Ho Ho Ho!

We had a very merry Christmas (almost too merry) and hope that you did too!