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Hair Cuts

Everyone was overdue for getting their hairs cut so on St. Patty's Day, we headed over to see Uncle Dude for myself and Tarquin as well as set up an appointment at Carnival Cuts for Harrison's first chop (We love Uncle Dude and didn't want to have him refuse to see us ever again by doing Harrison's head too).  Tarquin rocked it and got his reward in the form of a shamrock shake, but Harrison viewed the experience as the most traumatic in his life yet.  I think they're pretty handsome with their shorter hairs, but I'm a bit biased.
 After (and he hadn't quite forgiven me yet)
 Very shaggy before

Our "Quarterly" Report

Well, we're nearly a quarter of the way through the year so it's time to take a look at what has been going on. I'm finding this year's list a little more difficult than previous ones. More vague ideas rather than concrete ones I can act on.
Charity/Volunteer with TarquinRead - As always - I've gotten halfway through A book. Maybe I should be reading as opposed to updating here...Craft - As alwaysNew tattoo (HD)flesh out BIG tattoo detailsSew wearableThey were once young projectFinally see a movie with Drew - We have a "date" planned for 4-11, maybe then?Try new things - fewer chains - Maybe? I'm working on this, but sometimes a chain is the easiest option with a kid in tow. Work's definitely broadening my downriver horizons.Ask for more storiesMake an effort more often - This is a vague one. I want to make an effort more often for myself, for friends, for family, for the kids. I need to sit down and flesh this out in writing before qual…

Happy Birthday Harrison!!!!

Someone turned one!!!

Being Cultured

We tried to expand the children's cultural side and took them to the DIA.  I don't think it worked.  March is free at the DIA so maybe we'll try again if we're brave.

Trying to recreate our foot shot from a few years ago.

Uncle Art made these...  Totally...

He was a bit of a handful.

My 1/2 liter of margarita and my favorite part of the day!

I want to be Chirish!

Turkey had time off of school for winter break and I felt as though I needed to take a couple of days off so as to not over burden the grandparents.  Since we were off anyhow (and the tax return didn't hurt either), we decided some penguin petting and Uncle Jon time would be a good short trip!

Pancakes @ Cracker Barrel.

Being silly in the hotel room.

Turkey had a bit of a sassy/bratty streak during our trip.


New LEGO sets.

Electric eels @ the Shedd.

Jellyfish are awesome.

Plenty of tongues.

LEGO Discovery Center.

And one boy pretty happy about our trip.