Our "Quarterly" Report

Well, we're nearly a quarter of the way through the year so it's time to take a look at what has been going on. I'm finding this year's list a little more difficult than previous ones. More vague ideas rather than concrete ones I can act on.


  1. Charity/Volunteer with Tarquin
  2. Read - As always - I've gotten halfway through A book. Maybe I should be reading as opposed to updating here...
  3. Craft - As always
  4. New tattoo (HD)
    1. flesh out BIG tattoo details
  5. Sew wearable
  6. They were once young project
  7. Finally see a movie with Drew - We have a "date" planned for 4-11, maybe then?
  8. Try new things - fewer chains - Maybe? I'm working on this, but sometimes a chain is the easiest option with a kid in tow. Work's definitely broadening my downriver horizons.
  9. Ask for more stories
  10. Make an effort more often - This is a vague one. I want to make an effort more often for myself, for friends, for family, for the kids. I need to sit down and flesh this out in writing before qualitative analysis can be done.
  11. Spend no money one weekend a month - I did in January. It's DAMN hard; especially since weekends are the only time I get a chance to do any of the errands that pile up. Spending has been cut down, but only where that doesn't relate to the wedding.
    1. Get my money habits under control - spending fast?
  12. Container garden - We planted our peas this week!
  13. Be healthier as a family and personally
    1. Bike rides - Get Drew to work with Tarquin on his skills
    2. Monthly menus and shopping lists - Still a work in progress, but the menus help somewhat.
  14. New to Tarquin zoo
    1. Maybe Cincinnati? Hit up Spaghetti Factory & King’s Island too?
  15. Keep stress levels to a minimum and enjoy the wedding - So/so...
  16. Actually plan and make a menu for the luau
  17. Rearrange & redecorate the condo mondo
    1. Put the boys together
    2. New arts
    3. Spackle
  18. Put up and take down all holiday/party decorations in a timely manner - So far so good!
  19. Chicago – quit making excuses - DONE!!! :)
  20. Frankenmuth
  21. Camping – again
  22. Take care of all that grown up no fun paperwork
  23. 5 & 10 year tentative plan
  24. Star gaze with Tarquin - I've made sure to point out the stars to Tarquin a couple times now, but when the weather is warmer I want to go out someplace dark and really gaze with him.
  25. Research ukulele/accordion investment/purchase
  26. Andy’s 30th
  27. See a play
  28. Minimum 3 Pinterest projects/idears completed
    1. Laundry soap - Done
    2. LEGO crayons - Done
    3. If you count all of the recipes we've tried that I've found on Pinterest then we'd be WAY beyond 3, but I'm not.
  29. Harrison’s 1st Birthday - Decided I wasn't going to undertake a big to do, but he got his cake (which he doesn't care for, he's so not my kid) and it was nice.
  30. Kidless time
  31. Ice or roller skating with Tarquin
  32. Some sort of photo challenge
  33. Handmade and thoughtful gifts
  34. Game nights
  35. Tarquin in soccer
  36. Regular traditions
    1. 4th of July - Algonac & Centerline
    2. Blakes
    3. Father’s Day beach
    4. Ren Fest


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