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Without further adieu

I've been caught up in trying to stave off my feelings regarding Tarquin going to his father's for a month for a while now.  He left yesterday, and that's all being bottled up (possibly for a long sappy boring post on my own blog).  I think it's time for the "Happily Never After" photos.  Well, some of what I have so far.

First we got drunk.

Which, from the the photos from the night, appears to mean Andy and Andy snuggled a lot.  I got cut off, it was for the best I'm sure.


I haven't been updating (again, yes).  Life has been a level of hectic that is redonkulous, and we're pretty well known for hecticness in our household.  Trying to cram fun in before Tarquin goes to Miami, my work hitting a fever pitch and all of the legal bindingness.  I try to make myself feel better about not updating here by telling myself no one reads it anyhow AND it means I'm out doing stuff in the real outside world. I'll try to get a Happily Never After post up asap.

We snuck in a trip to the zoo with Papa and the Gerber's

Someone's first carousel ride ever and a first just at the Detroit Zoo's new carousel.

Kindergarten Concert

He's all ready for First Grade in the fall! 

Field day in which he kicked some sack race butt!

Cheering big brother's on (and discovering sticking out your tongue is super awesome).

He doesn't hate swimming at all this year.

Look who learned to climb on the couch...

Upland Hills Farm

Tarquin had his first field trip.  We had a good time!  :)

Grand Rapids

We went on our first overnight trip as a family to Grand Rapids for Memorial Day.  I think it was a success!
The kids even slept nicely in the hotel!

Did you know sometimes Grand Rapids has an Uncle Jon?!?!

Goat petting!

They enjoyed it, but I thought it was too scary.

John Ball Zoo even has sting rays to pet!

And camel riding!!


A hot but great day.