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Checking In

We're quickly heading into the home stretch of 2012 so I figured checking in on our To Do's for this year might be a prudent thing to do. It's fall and to me that always means reinvention, learning, evaluating and change. I grew up with someone who was very temperamental regarding fall, and then lived with another someone for nearly half of my adult life (so far) that was as well. I'm finally getting over the wariness the season always brought me before, but I think I will always start thinking change when the leaves begin to change.
2012 Charity/Volunteer with Tarquin- I still haven't had Tarquin do much with me, but I've done more this year than I did the previous and hopefully I can make that into even more next year.Read - As always- <3 my Nook more than I could have imagined!Craft - As always- I did mostly wedding crafts this year, but like the volunteering and charity it's increased and I'm slowly discovering that I can do more even with two k…

Wild Summer Nights

The Detroit Zoo has later hours and evening concerts during the summer.  We finally got around to enjoying one tonight (with Aunt Jenna, John & Papa as well), and I think it's safe to say that we enjoyed ourselves.  :)

They do tricks for ice cream.


Camp Ber-Wa-Ga-Na

I survived our first camping trip with the boys!  A chicken dinner in Frankenmuth didn't hurt either.  Tarquin already wants to go back.

Park It - Family Fun Nights


Photo Booth

The boys gave in and had some fun with me the other day.