Checking In

We're quickly heading into the home stretch of 2012 so I figured checking in on our To Do's for this year might be a prudent thing to do. It's fall and to me that always means reinvention, learning, evaluating and change. I grew up with someone who was very temperamental regarding fall, and then lived with another someone for nearly half of my adult life (so far) that was as well. I'm finally getting over the wariness the season always brought me before, but I think I will always start thinking change when the leaves begin to change.

  1. Charity/Volunteer with Tarquin - I still haven't had Tarquin do much with me, but I've done more this year than I did the previous and hopefully I can make that into even more next year.
  2. Read - As always - <3 my Nook more than I could have imagined!
  3. Craft - As always - I did mostly wedding crafts this year, but like the volunteering and charity it's increased and I'm slowly discovering that I can do more even with two kiddos.
  4. New tattoo (HD)
    1. flesh out BIG tattoo details
  5. Sew wearable
  6. They were once young project
  7. Finally see a movie with Drew - I am planning on The Great Gatsby at the end of the year.
  8. Try new things - fewer chains - Garden visits have made this a reality for me. For dinners out with friends we sadly choose chains more frequently (they tend to be easiest to do nutrition checking) though.
  9. Ask for more stories
  10. Make an effort more often
  11. Spend no money one weekend a month
    1. Get my money habits under control - spending fast? - FAIL. I have no faith that I'll be able to get this one in shape before the end of the year. Next year?
  12. Container garden - Everything died except our tomatoes and even they aren't that happy with the drought we had. Next year I'm doing all plantlings and steering clear of seeds.
  13. Be healthier as a family and personally - Over all we're healthier a greater percentage of the time AND we've changed our mentalities quite a bit this year.
    1. Bike rides - Get Drew to work with Tarquin on his skills - Fail. Time and resistance.
    2. Monthly menus and shopping lists - This has made my life infinitely easier and something I'm going to stick with as long as possible.
  14. New to Tarquin zoo - We did not only the Belle Isle Nature Zoo but the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. :)
  15. Keep stress levels to a minimum and enjoy the wedding - Higher success than the last one, lol.
  16. Actually plan and make a menu for the luau - I made all of my menu except for the chicken long rice. Next year screw a fancy menu, lol.
  17. Rearrange & redecorate the condo mondo
    1. Put the boys together - They aren't ready yet, but we're considering new beds for all with next tax return and that means bunk beds.
    2. New arts
    3. Spackle
  18. Put up and take down all holiday/party decorations in a timely manner - So far pretty good. They've all gone up and down in a timely manner. The only slight failure is that the luau boxes are still upstairs instead of in the basement as they should be.
  19. Chicago – quit making excuses - So much fun and I can't wait to do it again. Next time with ALL of us.
  20. Frankenmuth
  21. Camping – again
  22. Take care of all that grown up no fun paperwork
  23. 5 & 10 year tentative plan
  24. Star gaze with Tarquin
  25. Research ukulele/accordion investment/purchase - I have decided upon really really wanting (for no explicable reason) to get and learn to play an accordion. Of course this is the more expensive choice, but still something to strive for.
  26. Andy’s 30th - The 30 presents before 30 probably won't be completed (I got more than half of them, but $$ has gotten in the way), but I "hacked" his facebook and went far more low key than I wanted. It's closer to what he wanted (nothing at all) so win-win?
  27. See a play
  28. Minimum 3 Pinterest projects/idears completed - Including recipes I've done far far far more than 3.
  29. Harrison’s 1st Birthday
  30. Kidless time
  31. Ice or roller skating with Tarquin
  32. Some sort of photo challenge
  33. Handmade and thoughtful gifts
  34. Game nights
  35. Tarquin in soccer - FAIL. He has little to no desire, time is always pressing, yada yada yada.
  36. Regular traditions
    1. 4th of July - Algonac & Centerline - I skipped all of the 4th since T was gone.
    2. Blakes - Scheduled for the 23rd; Tarquin wanted it around his bday.
    3. Father’s Day beach - Rained so Andy wanted a trashy Gibraltar day instead.
    4. Ren Fest - Scheduled for the 15th.


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