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Me & Him Time

Tarquin and I had some much needed me and him time today.  We started with a Build & Grow session at Lowes where we made a Creepy Keeper.  Then we headed over for some mall time with a yummy Kerby's lunch before meeting up with Mr. Jeff & Oliver to try out ice skating.  Ended our fun by learning that ice cream is equally as awesome as hot cocoa after skating and he headed off to a sleepover with Namo & Popa.

Fall Festival



Took the boys to LEGO KIDSFEST this morning and it seemed to be a big hit with them.  For me, I'd have preferred fewer people and better maneuvering for the monster jogging stroller.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.  Now to listen to Tarquin whine about wanting to go back for another whole year.  One day I'll definitely have to get him to LEGOLAND.