The Costanzicacelli 2013 To Do's

I'm hoping 2013 to be filled once again with close to home adventures and lots of fun.  Having all these silly boys around it's bound to be a good year.  Without further adieu....

  1. Organize recipe pile/mess
  2. Thanksgiving parade
  3. US States Organization & Plotting
  4. Berry Picking
  5. Make a better Costanzicacelli site
  6. Start Grad School
  7. Drive a stick shift
  8. Geocaching
  9. Organize LEGO papers
  10. Wear heels again
  11. Be more positive
  12. Up North
  13. Passports
  14. Fort Wayne
  15. Arts & Scraps
  16. Putt putt
  17. Develop wedding cameras
  18. Belle Isle Aquarium
  19. Sterling Heights Nature Center
  20. Detroit Historical Museum
  21. Get family photos taken
  22. Michigan Science Center
  23. Tarquin’s birthday food fight
  24. Follow through with my health
  25. Try new vegetables (or old ones again)
  26. Go sledding
  27. Finish two more Austen novels
  28. Have fun at The Color Run
  29. All the usual craft/create/read/explore/photograph stuff
  30. Check off at least two of Tarquin’s own “to do’s”


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