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2014 To Dos

From the looks of my Facebook feed, I'm not at all alone in my joy of seeing the end of 2013.  It's been a hard year here at the Costanzicacelli household, both as a family and personally.  There have been car accidents, health issues (both canine & human), financial surprises, and much much more.  There's also been good though; we now have Admiral Gilligan T. Costanzicacelli, Andy has his pimp daddy minivan, and many new learning experiences under our belts.  The most important lesson I want to take with me and impart upon my boys from 2013 is to stop comparing one's own life with others.  It's zapped a lot of the the fun I could have had (or at least caused some of the non fun I did have), and it's time for that to be done with.

Without further ado, here's The Costanzicacelli 2014 To Dos.  This year is going to kick so much ass (if only by me making it so through sheer willpower)! FamilyTrip - Chicago, Portland, DC, Knoxville, Michigan Adventure?Monthly…

Henry Ford

The Henry Ford Museum had a Target family fun day giving us free admission last week (plus bonus cousin time!); so we pulled Big out of school for a learning field trip, packed a lunch, and headed out.  We don't let him "skip" very often, and made sure he learned something while he was there by quizzing him after the fact.  We've visited before, but didn't make him learning something the top priority of that visit as he wasn't quite old enough yet.  He seemed most interested in Rosa Parks, the Ku Klux Klan, and the large farming machines.  I love that we're able to do these trips every once in a while.  It almost makes me wish I had the funds and patience to homeschool.

Happy Halloween!!!

We tried to drag out our Halloween fun this year.

We tried on many different costumes.  Mama said Pimp wasn't for me.
The traditional wearing of bucket hats.
We had grown up dress up fun while making a tutu.
We read "spooky" stories.
The happy crocodile made an appearance for $2 long islands and $.50 grilled cheeses!
Harrison helped Mama make the finishing tutu touches.
Mama made herself look like a skittle.
And a gypsy for Krogering.
Practiced our ninja moves...
and our sea monster faces.
There was the impossibility of getting both children to hold still at the same time.
But what can one expect from a  sea monster and a dinosaur/dragon?
Sometimes photos were outright denied.
And lots of RAWRING!

And a very sweet trick-or-treating haul.
We hope all of you had half as much fun for your Halloween/October as we did!

Detroit Historical Museum

After a stop at Eastern Market (oh Mac Shack how I love you!!) we headed over to the Detroit Historical Museum with the Portelli-Treusch duo this past Saturday.  Tarquin, Drew, Art & I had all been a few years ago, but since then it's been remodeled and added to.  I'm not a huge Kid Rock fan so his music station gave me a bit of the heebie jeebies, but all in all it was a nice (and free!) way to spend the afternoon.


It was a gorgeous day for it, but that meant we had to share the cider mill with a lot more people than last year.  Lines were long, and I was too impatient to wait for the jump pillows.  Next year I'm thinking the crummier out it is the better!

Ren Fest 2013

One of my favorite traditions that we have is to go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  So much yummy food and every year there are new things to do and see.  Since the kiddos have come along we haven't been able to check out quite as many shows, but it's still a blast.  I'm thinking next year we'll have to do a grown up only AND a family trip so we can enjoy all that there is.  Fingers crossed I can snatch up more discount tickets next time as well.

We found a snapping turtle.

Picking out instruments for the children's parade.

A family photo, sort of...

Tarquin kicked my butt at turtle racing.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

A Picksicle.

We were all pretty pooped out.

Harrison didn't want to wear his hat so I used it to keep the drizzle off.

Soaked to the bone after running through the maze.