2013 has been a trying year so far.  I've been dealing with medical issues, money's always a problem, and a car accident have just been the highlights.  But with gallbladder removal surgery scheduled for the 8th, tax returns are coming in soon, and being well insured we have been able to keep our heads above water.  So while after the first two weeks I was cursing the new year, I think so far we've come out ahead.

Little has somehow learned to make an excellent duck face...

Big had his first baby tooth pulled (his first grown up tooth has been in for a few months now).

Little split his lip trying to keep up with the big kids.

I did a bang up job totaling the Cruiser.

We had some sick day Coney lunch after getting signed up for t-ball.

The Wienermobile visited Kroger.

We got a good deal on Sylvester and became officially old fuddy duddies.

Trying out new games someone got for Christmas.


The boys got a new and awesome bunk bed!

While the party had to be cancelled due to my stupid gallbladder, at least I still got free Biggby's for my birthday.


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