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Opening Day!

Tarquin's t-ball opening day was this morning.  He did better than ever; I guess practice really does make a person somewhat ok.  ;)

Playing Catch Up

It feels like we never stop around here, but trying to remember what has kept us so busy the past month is difficult.  Thank goodness for my Instagram feed (my phone recently being stolen is killing me without that app or Plants vs. Zombies) or I probably would have no clue, lol.  We've had no BIG adventures per se, but we've kept ourselves occupied and with the warmer weather starting to stick around I'm hoping that we can cross some more items off of our 2013 To Do's.

Lowe's Build & Grow with Namo.

Turkey started t-ball.  It's painful.

Erma's opened up again and Little was able to get his own for the very first time.

The Porsche's visited me while I was volunteering at an expo for work and we had some fun visiting the booths.  Oreo stacking!

Turkey's cat allergies have reached new levels of ickiness, but we've got them under control and new epi pens (also Benadryl in every bag we take out with us).

Watching our cousin Samantha play soccer in the…