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Belle Isle Aquarium

I have been meaning to get over and see the aquarium since it was reopened last summer, but there always seemed to be things that had to be done instead or the boys were being terrors.  After we hit up Eastern Market this morning (Oh how I love you Mac Shack & Germack peanut butter!!!) we took a quick jaunt over to the island and had a blast!  I think we'll definitely have to start making it a regular thing to do after our market days.

Tarquin asked to go "where we all got married" so we did a quick looksie at the Flynn Skating Pavillion.

Sterling Heights Nature Center

We finally made it over after living here for a few years.  It was pretty cool, and I'm thinking Tarquin & I will head back when we don't have a hyper Little around, lol.

Also - We have a 2nd grader!!!