Our Happy 5th of July!

The fireworks out in Algonac took place on the 5th rather than the 4th this year; so we did some relaxing (and malling - LOVE the CPK lettuce wraps) on the 4th in preparation of Dirtfest and (some of us) staying up way later than our normal bedtimes.

 Watch out Dirtfest, the Costanzicacelli's are about to visit!
 He was a "baseball cowboy".

 So stinking delicious.  I need more elephant ear!
 He asked to ride the bull and I couldn't say no.
 Checking out the creepy crawlies.
 It's so hard to be almost 7.

 We even got a little cousin time in with Jr.

 Uncle Tomm watched with us.

*shudder* The fishflies are particularly gross this year.


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