The Admiral

Our poor puppy hurt himself last week when playing around.  After 24 hours with no improvement to his limp (he was avoiding putting any pressure on his right hind leg), we ended up at the vet only to find out that he was going to need surgery.  His diagnosis ended up being a tibial avulsion fracture, and we were lucky to find Advanced Veterinary Care Group in Canton.  Not only were they super reasonable (like 1/3 of the price of the many other places we called; which still meant canceling camping this weekend and reevaluating what we'll be able to get done on our 2013 To Dos but so worth it to have our boy on his way to recovery) but also very helpful, caring and friendly.  He came home Tuesday and I'm pleased to say that he's been a trouper so far in his recovery. For the next two weeks (if not 6 more after that), he has to stay mostly immobile in his crate.  It's gotta be hard on a super snuggly and energetic puppy, but I'm proud of how well he's taken it.

Poor baby with his cone of shame, lol.

He's ready for his short shorts!  


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