Ren Fest 2013

One of my favorite traditions that we have is to go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  So much yummy food and every year there are new things to do and see.  Since the kiddos have come along we haven't been able to check out quite as many shows, but it's still a blast.  I'm thinking next year we'll have to do a grown up only AND a family trip so we can enjoy all that there is.  Fingers crossed I can snatch up more discount tickets next time as well.

We found a snapping turtle.

Picking out instruments for the children's parade.

A family photo, sort of...

Tarquin kicked my butt at turtle racing.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

A Picksicle.

We were all pretty pooped out.

Harrison didn't want to wear his hat so I used it to keep the drizzle off.

Soaked to the bone after running through the maze.


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