Happy Halloween!!!

We tried to drag out our Halloween fun this year.

We tried on many different costumes.  Mama said Pimp wasn't for me.

The traditional wearing of bucket hats.

We had grown up dress up fun while making a tutu.

We read "spooky" stories.

The happy crocodile made an appearance for $2 long islands and $.50 grilled cheeses!

Harrison helped Mama make the finishing tutu touches.

Mama made herself look like a skittle.

And a gypsy for Krogering.

Practiced our ninja moves...

and our sea monster faces.

There was the impossibility of getting both children to hold still at the same time.

But what can one expect from a  sea monster and a dinosaur/dragon?

Sometimes photos were outright denied.

And lots of RAWRING!

And a very sweet trick-or-treating haul.

We hope all of you had half as much fun for your Halloween/October as we did!


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