2014 To Dos

From the looks of my Facebook feed, I'm not at all alone in my joy of seeing the end of 2013.  It's been a hard year here at the Costanzicacelli household, both as a family and personally.  There have been car accidents, health issues (both canine & human), financial surprises, and much much more.  There's also been good though; we now have Admiral Gilligan T. Costanzicacelli, Andy has his pimp daddy minivan, and many new learning experiences under our belts.  The most important lesson I want to take with me and impart upon my boys from 2013 is to stop comparing one's own life with others.  It's zapped a lot of the the fun I could have had (or at least caused some of the non fun I did have), and it's time for that to be done with.

Without further ado, here's The Costanzicacelli 2014 To Dos.  This year is going to kick so much ass (if only by me making it so through sheer willpower)!
  • Family
    • Trip - Chicago, Portland, DC, Knoxville, Michigan Adventure?
    • Monthly dates alone with each of my boys
    • A2 Mini Trip
      • Train in and out?
      • Hands On Museum
      • Museum of Natural History
      • Overnight in hotel or work in camping?
      • Amphibian Zoo in A2
    • One new AZA Zoo - Choices of: Binder Park Zoo, Children's Zoo at Celebration Square, Potter Park Zoological Gardens
    • Archery with Tarquin
    • Camping
    • Finally give Harrison a birthday party
    • Summer outdoor movie
    • Ride Zoo train & Carousel
  • Self
    • 365 Days of Gratefulness
    • Begin to practice yoga
    • Finish up the Jane Austen novels
    • Kick Grad School ass
    • Say yes more, especially when you don’t want to
    • New tattoo (bonus points if Andy gets one too)
    • Take better care of myself
  • Southeastern Michigan Fun
    • Rust Belt Market
    • Marche Du Nain Rouge
    • More exploring around Eastern Market
    • Morley Candy/Sanders tour
    • Slow Roll
    • Robot Garage
    • Go to some random strange festival (bologna, Elvis, etc.)
    • Five new parks
    • Noel Night
  • Peoples
    • Friendsgiving
    • At least two game nights
    • Birthday cards
  • Other Things
    • Homemade/local/small business Christmas as much as possible again
    • DIY decoration for all holidays
    • Less chains/”fast” foods
      • Cross off some of the Detroit foods/restaurants I haven’t yet tried
      • Start teaching Tarquin to make dinner


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