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2015 Costanzicacelli To Dos

2014 was crazy. Our To Do list was ultimately a failure (at least by my over achieving standards), but we accomplished so many things that we never even dreamed of before the year began. If I learned anything in 2014, is to go with the flow a little bit more. In 2015 we're not aiming for the moon (well, Tarquin seems to be a bit...), but I think we have a decent enough list that gives us room to change it around as 2015 goes on. Without further ado:

Family Photos Find a karate school for Tarquin Chicago Get the kitchen mostly in place Teach Tarquin to type Self All of my screenings Give up beef Make up for last summer Beach Adult time Wear more dresses Fireworks

Casa de Costanzicacelli

I bought a house!!!  There is cuteness and things that need work and it's terrifyingly awesome!!!

Two months to go

We have just over two months of 2014 to go.  It's been an awesome year (SO much better than 2013), but we haven't done all that awesome at our To Do's this time around.  There have been some awesome BIG accomplishments that weren't even on the list though.  Drew tells me it evens itself out that way, but the overachiever I can't shake off questions that.  
FamilyTrip - Chicago, Portland, DC, Knoxville, Michigan Adventure? - It was nothing nearly as fun sounding as the ones we listed, but we did end up going to Columbus as a family and I got to do a couple work related mini trips.Monthly dates alone with each of my boys - I've made an effort to spend time one-on-one with the kids, but it hasn't been a monthly thing and the biggest one always gets left out.A2 Mini TripTrain in and out? - It was decided that with the amount of running around we would be doing that the train was impractical.Hands On MuseumMuseum of Natural HistoryOvernight in hotel or work in ca…

Happy 8th Birthday Tarquin

For his 8th birthday Tarquin asked to go see a cave.  We didn't have a ton of time, but were able to do a long weekend in Columbus and the Ohio Caverns.  The zoo was super awesome and COSI was pretty neat (Harry was still a bit too young for it and we were all pooped by Saturday) as well.

September 2014

September is always a busy month for us, and this one was busier than usual.  Back to school for three of us, two birthdays, Ren Faire, etc.  We're super excited to announce a surprise in the next month or two so keep an eye out for that.  The Costanzicacelli's are movin' on up!

First day of 3rd grade!

Not happy that Mama made him wear a button up, he turned it backwards on the bus in and wore it all day like this.

Camel riding

We decided the parking at the Art and Apples Festival was too crazy and stumbled onto the Rochester Cider Mill.  Yum!

We also stumbled into the Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck and it's now one of our favorites.

Harry fractured his skull and was super snuggly for a while.

More Ren Faire fun.

"I'm a spaceman"

The Communications Team

I got to hang out on the rooftop at work one morning.

Zoo trip w/ cousins & Popa.

He's gotten very interested in doing strange poses.

He did awesome putting his birthday present together.


It's now August, and I'm still not up to opening up about the Lynch and menopause.  Have some more photos and catch up on what the Costanzicacelli's were up to in July instead.  #mentalhealthisoverrated