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It only requires a sick day to update

Life has been exhausting, or maybe I'm just projecting my exhaustion on the rest of the Costanzicacellis.  We are good though.  I started a new job (at an old place) and my Master's program.  Andy's been trying to survive this hellacious winter.  Tarquin's still doing excellent in second grade and LOVED the LEGO movie.  Harrison's excited about his upcoming 3rd (and first ever) birthday party.

My hairs got really short.

My nephew is cuter than you.

The boys dealt with me making them goofy shirts.

Tarquin was as handsome in a tux as we had expected.

Our religious parenting techniques didn't improve.

We hung out with people outside of the house occasionally.

It was our year for Christmas.

A few naps were had.

We were those people who go to restaurants in pjs.

Ford Field & Slows made for a good weekend.

Super pretty, but also super over it.