2015 Costanzicacelli To Dos

2014 was crazy. Our To Do list was ultimately a failure (at least by my over achieving standards), but we accomplished so many things that we never even dreamed of before the year began. If I learned anything in 2014, is to go with the flow a little bit more. In 2015 we're not aiming for the moon (well, Tarquin seems to be a bit...), but I think we have a decent enough list that gives us room to change it around as 2015 goes on. Without further ado:

  • Family
    • Photos
    • Find a karate school for Tarquin
    • Chicago
    • Get the kitchen mostly in place
    • Teach Tarquin to type
  • Self
    • All of my screenings
    • Give up beef
    • Make up for last summer
      • Beach
      • Adult time
      • Wear more dresses
      • Fireworks
      • Parks & picnics
    • Primp & Fluff more
    • Do a 5K
    • Make time to read
    • New ink
    • Get back into “fighting shape”
    • Get out of my comfort zone more often
    • Cook more again
  • Michigan
    • New neighborhood
      • Hamtramck Disneyland
      • Rock City
      • Planet Ant
      • Community Center
      • Get library cards
    • Science Center
    • UP
    • Frankenmuth
    • One AZA zoo
    • Motown Winter Blast (2/6-2/8)
    • Ride zoo train & carousel
    • See the progress at the aquarium
  • Peoples
    • Housewarming
    • Sitcom theme?
  • Tarquin’s additions
    • Go to arcade
    • Be a battle master in Clash of clans
    • Go to canada with yosif, harry,and mama
    • Go to Florida
    • Summer camp at Camp Valor
    • See a moose
    • Catch a walrus - walrus are awesome
    • Make Club Paleo better


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