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Our 2016 To Dos!

I have this delusion that even years are better. I think even if it was an odd year, it would still be a great one with a list like this to tackle!

Get drunk with Doug until he is nearly at the nekkid stage of drunkenness Go all out with Yearbook party Paint & Pour type deal Tarquin birthday party Travel Disney World & LEGOland AZA Zoo Binder or Children’s One weekend trip not event related Harry & Mama trip to Chicago Waffle House House Landscaping New front porch Backyard planning

December 2015

Christmas is exhausting.

<3 the people I work with!

We really really do!

Time for some new decorations!

Molly came to town!!!!

I just wanted food and got threaded!

November 2015

Work date time! 

It's weird to play with only two people.

The corned beef ones are like heaven!

This is what he does when he's bored or sad or just alive. Yay for tweens!

Way to go Tarquin!

These goofballs at the CoC fundraiser.

Wild Nights @ the Detroit Zoo.

2015 Recap

This was another busy year for the Costanzicacellis. I tried to take it easy on us in 2015 as the previous year had seen so many changes. While it wasn't the most exciting of years, we were all pretty successful with good grades, new jobs and more! 
Family Photos Find a karate school for Tarquin Chicago Get the kitchen mostly in place Teach Tarquin to type Self All of my screenings Give up beef Make up for last summer Beach Adult time Wear more dresses Fireworks Parks & picnics Primp & Fluff more Do a 5K Make time to read New ink Get back into “fighting shape” Get out of my comfort zone more often Cook more again Michigan New neighborhood

October 2015

Retirement parties/saying good byes to friends.

Service members making it all worthwhile.

Baby fishies!!!

Mr. Know It All.

Sick buddy.

Oh Deer!

Family photos on Belle Isle!

Working my tail off, but still having fun.

He's got to catch 'em all!

He tried to place everyone under arrest.


He wanted to have homework too.

Best part of Ren Faire.

His building has hit new creative levels lately.

Someone's still adjusting to his new school schedule.

We're always professional at work...

Honest John's

Celebrating September birthdays.

The snorkapotomus after a bath.



First Days of School

And now we have a 4th Grader AND a Preschooler!

Where did the time go?


Odd numbered years seem to be harder for me than even.  I'm sure this is all in my head, but I'm still happy that 2015 is mostly over.  I'm sure we'll have some more adventures before we're through. We hope that you'll join us for some of them.

Homeownership can be a pain.


Tarquin's doctor is next to Garden Bowl!

Minions @ Ford Drive In

Tarquin decided he did NOT enjoy the slide @ Belle Isle

ER trips because of medication side effects are exciting!

PVC w/ Marge

More beach time for Jack's 2nd birthday

Hitting up Sgt. Pepperoni's