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Happy birthday (sort of...) Andy!  Because how much more surprised can you be than 6 months after/before your birthday.

Spring has sprung!

We are more or less settled into the new house.  There's still lots to do, but 98% of our boxes are unpacked and we have a couple things actually hanging on the walls.  It was decided that I'm going to take summer off of grad school to enjoy the fun I missed out on last year during my surgery recovery, and I have a feeling I'll take up a new project (the kitchen perhaps?) to make up that small extra space in my schedule.  The housewarming is next weekend and that brings us to 3 things crossed off of our 2015 list (and only one that we failed at) so far.  And in lieu of actual content have a photo dump of our activities the past few months!

We've been going out to eat.  A LOT.  #PotatoPlace #Yum

We love us some Nico!

Our new puppy!  First Mate Lemon C. Costanzicacelli, Esq. joined our family for my birthday.

Jezy is good for birthday fun!

Bonding time during the flu.

Our first trip to Funkytown/Eastern Market of the year.

Just some of the people at the office who keep m…