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Bloody Anniversary

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of bleeding for the last time. 

Front Door Fun!

First coat down!
Manual labor isn't my favorite.
Upping the hipster level.
It's all coming together slowly but surely!

Never slowing down

We never seem to have a dull moment thanks to my over-achieving tendencies.  April and May (so far) are no different.  We've been keeping busy, planning for a super awesome summer and crossing items off of our 2015 To Do's left and right!
Toledo Zoo
Opening day at Erma's
Some Belle Isle after Funky Town (Eastern Market)
A conference in GR led to an adorable hair cut.
The house is coming along!  My planter is too cute.
These ladies are beyond awesome and I'm honored to know and work with them.
Potter Park Zoo in Lansing
Color Me Rad
Tarquin's Tour de Mexicantown