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2017 To Dos

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December 2016

Santa was good to me.

New glasses.

Just another day at the office.

<3 the Fisher Building.

Tree lighting was cold.

Another all clear scope!

Gilly goo turned 4!

He's becoming quite the little reader.

Trying to stay warm with cocoa.

I learned this one loves orange chicken.

Practicing his origami.

Oh Ikea...

Love these ladies!

Super love this lady!

See ya later 2016!

2016 was a loooong year. Not necessarily bad (although I'm hearing from a lot of people that they found it incredibly difficult and shitty), just loooong. I blame Practicum. And work. And the kids being at a difficult stage at the same time. And I need a vacation...

Social - Overall I did not feel very social this year. I made some effort on occasion, but I don't know how much I'm sad about this or if I'll try to rectify it in the new year. Get drunk with Doug until he is nearly at the nekkid stage of drunkenness Go all out with Yearbook party Paint & Pour type deal Tarquin birthday party Travel - The big travel to do was our family vacation to Florida. It was our first real trip and hopefully we'll be able to do it again someday. Disney World & LEGOland AZA Zoo Binder or Children’s One weekend trip not event related Harry & Mama trip to Chicago Waffle House House - So many projects, so little time. Landscaping New front porch

Fall 2016

Practicum began in September and our lives have been stressful, over scheduled and hectic. We've been able to squeak in a few good things here and there, but I think it's safe to say that we were all more than ready for the semester to be over and to put 2016 to rest.

Rock 'n Rye tongue

A fifth grader AND a kindergartner!!

Someone got a new Ren Faire outfit for his birthday.

So jealous of his lashes.

Going through old memories and he still fits in his baby beanie, lol.

How is he 10?!

Blake's is always a blast.

Fundraisers are the best when your coworkers rock.

I choose him!

Got my Hep A vaccination after eating at Whole Foods.

Our lives are overly full of produce.

August 2016

Another class under my belt. 3.61 GPA and only three semesters left!

The only butterflies I can handle.

I got to hang with Sponge Bob at one of the summer feeding sites.

The work gloves he wanted to use to help rebuild the porch.

So proud of their weirdness.

Picking up produce to give to kids at summer feeding sites.

Treat Dreams, yum!

These ladies were a true joy to work with this summer.

He's always asking to play.

Harrison and I took a trip to Chicago.

 I dunno if he liked the fish or posing more.

The fountain got us soaked.

The cutest people waiting to get into Wahlburgers.

The last meal. Miss them!!