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Halfway Through!

To Be Done

Get drunk with Doug until he is nearly at the nekkid stage of drunkenness Go all out with Yearbook party - I got cranky and while I had all of the stuff set up I didn't bother people to partake. Paint & Pour type deal - I just bought a ticket for a party later this month! So excited! Tarquin birthday party - He now wants to do a trip instead of a party, but his locales are all ridiculous. We'll see what happens... Travel Disney World & LEGOland - We had so much fun! AZA Zoo Binder or Children’s One weekend trip not event related - We visited Molly in GR. Harry & Mama trip to Chicago - This is coming up in August.

April & May 2016

Tarquin & I found a Zen garden while on a walk around the neighborhood.

Kindergarten round up!!

More delicious Treat Dreams. Yum!

The boys like to leave me drawings when they visit my office.

Fingers crossed we don't kill everything immediately.

Construction for the M-1 line messes with my day regularly.

Making his own armor.

Living this close to Eastern Market never gets old.

Tarquin made me an awesome book on Stegosauruses for Mothers Day.

We had fun on our first trip to the Outdoor Adventure Center.


Plant and Garden Day is over for another year.

We love us some Snapchat filters.