Halfway Through!

To Be Done

  • Social

    • Get drunk with Doug until he is nearly at the nekkid stage of drunkenness
    • Go all out with Yearbook party - I got cranky and while I had all of the stuff set up I didn't bother people to partake.
    • Paint & Pour type deal - I just bought a ticket for a party later this month! So excited!
    • Tarquin birthday party - He now wants to do a trip instead of a party, but his locales are all ridiculous. We'll see what happens...
  • Travel
    • Disney World & LEGOland - We had so much fun!
    • AZA Zoo
      • Binder or Children’s
    • One weekend trip not event related - We visited Molly in GR.
    • Harry & Mama trip to Chicago - This is coming up in August.
    • Waffle House - Twice when we were in Florida.
  • House
    • Landscaping - I'm not a master gardener, but I haven't killed anything yet!
    • New front porch - I feel like I'm going to have to hire someone to do this for us...
    • Backyard planning - I have things planned in my head. Now to just execute it all...
    • Pantry
    • Stairs
  • Selfish
    • Hairs did regularly - I'm due for my next cut soon, but so far I've been maintaining regular cuts.
    • Screenings
    • Read - Only one book so far, but I'm thinking of rereading the Harry Potter series with Tarquin over the summer.
    • Do things solo again - Harder than anticipated, but that's why it's on here. Baby steps.
    • Learn make up again - Definitely improved but so much more could be done.
    • Exercise - I've upped my steps again, but hitting up the gym hasn't been something I've been doing.
    • Not be so hard on myself
  • Local
    • Fort Wayne
    • Arts & Scraps
    • Bi-monthly trips to Eastern Market - So far so good!
    • Rust Belt Market
    • Robot Garage
    • Outdoor Adventure Center
    • Greek town- Andy and I had lunch one day, but I want to explore more.
    • DIA
    • New LEGO place at GLC
    • Dodge Park
  • Financial
    • Budget & plan
    • Bring lunch more often again - Not great, but it's a start.
    • Curb my fancy coffee drink addiction - But I love my barista so....
  • Misc
    • Make at least one new recipe a month - Harry keeps asking for the caesar wraps!
    • Kick so much ass in my new position - Just got word yesterday that another grant I wrote was awarded, yay!


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