Fall 2016

Practicum began in September and our lives have been stressful, over scheduled and hectic. We've been able to squeak in a few good things here and there, but I think it's safe to say that we were all more than ready for the semester to be over and to put 2016 to rest.

Rock 'n Rye tongue

A fifth grader AND a kindergartner!!

Someone got a new Ren Faire outfit for his birthday.

So jealous of his lashes.

Going through old memories and he still fits in his baby beanie, lol.

How is he 10?!

Blake's is always a blast.

Fundraisers are the best when your coworkers rock.

I choose him!

Got my Hep A vaccination after eating at Whole Foods.

Our lives are overly full of produce.

We were more than happy to be able to enjoy the late warm weather.

Steampunk Tarquin!

Harrison lost his first tooth.

We gave pumpkin carving a try for the first time in years and the kids actually touched goo!

He's not afraid of no ghosts!

LEGOland Discovery Center

I have some of the best coworkers ever!


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