See ya later 2016!

2016 was a loooong year. Not necessarily bad (although I'm hearing from a lot of people that they found it incredibly difficult and shitty), just loooong. I blame Practicum. And work. And the kids being at a difficult stage at the same time. And I need a vacation...

  • Social - Overall I did not feel very social this year. I made some effort on occasion, but I don't know how much I'm sad about this or if I'll try to rectify it in the new year.
    • Get drunk with Doug until he is nearly at the nekkid stage of drunkenness
    • Go all out with Yearbook party
    • Paint & Pour type deal
    • Tarquin birthday party
  • Travel - The big travel to do was our family vacation to Florida. It was our first real trip and hopefully we'll be able to do it again someday.
    • Disney World & LEGOland
    • AZA Zoo
      • Binder or Children’s
    • One weekend trip not event related
    • Harry & Mama trip to Chicago
    • Waffle House
  • House - So many projects, so little time.
    • Landscaping
    • New front porch
    • Backyard planning
    • Pantry
    • Stairs
  • Selfish - I rocked being selfish and I needed it. I still need it, hell I need more selfishness in 2017.
    • Hairs did regularly
    • Screenings
    • Read
    • Do things solo again
    • Learn make up again
    • Exercise
    • Not be so hard on myself
  • Local - We didn't branch out much this year locally. Did we finally check out the majority of the cool stuff? Are we just lazy? I think a little of both.
    • Fort Wayne
    • Arts & Scraps
    • Bi-monthly trips to Eastern Market
    • Rust Belt Market
    • Robot Garage
    • Outdoor Adventure Center
    • Greektown
    • DIA
    • New LEGO place at GLC
    • Dodge Park
  • Financial - SPEND ALL THE MONEYS!! But for real, I was great for about the first four months of the year and then spent the remainder destroying all responsibleness I had done.
    • Save all child support received
    • Budget & plan
    • Bring lunch more often again
    • Curb my fancy coffee drink addiction
  • Misc
    • Make at least one new recipe a month
    • Kick so much ass in my new position


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