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November 2017

First grader.

Sixth grader.


The Field Museum.

Texts from the goobers back home.

Occasionally they are busted getting along.

Life is too hard so early in the morning.

Donut Day at school.

Happy Birthday Jael!

Why can't he just listen and order his own salad?

Internship done!!!!

Tree Lighting Ceremony @ Zussman Park.

The boys had a BLAST ice skating!

October 2017

We have another Scout in the house!

Trying out the new neighbors; yum!

Tarquin asked me what I was like in high school; he is regretful.

Showing off his NYC souvenir.

I was the world's lamest vampire this year.

He had a thumbs up for the Zombie Frappucino.

Detective Tarquin


Lovely people that let me stay at their lovely place in a lovely city with the world's most loveliest noodles. But for real though, it's almost worth the plane ticket to just go and get noodles...

September 2017

A cousin filled zoo trip!

Our first grader!

Our sixth grader!

Harrison wasn't feeling the weird faces.

Face painting (a crab) at Ren Faire.

The boys finally got their dragons.

<3 Snorkapotamus <3

Our first trip to Great Wolf Lodge for Tarquin's birthday.

How is he 11?!

Trying not to be amused by his mom.

Practicing his reading stamina with classmates at the park.

August 2017

Going for a short hike to break up the long drive to PET BABY TIGERS!

Turns out Harrison loves baby tigers as much as I do!

He's getting to be more of a fish this year.

Corn isn't a car food...

Petting baby tigers wasn't enough so we made an aquarium stop.

No, we didn't sneak one home with us.

Tarquin had a blast visiting with his Grandma Kelly, Aunt and Cousin.

Exploring Louisville.

He's huge and he's sarcastic.

We had quite a few birthday parties this month.


They hated doing homework, but Mama didn't care.

"Can I fist bump it?"